What Are Honey Tonics? And What Is A Tonic, Anyway?

 What are Honey Tonics?

Honey Tonics are sweet, tart, and healthful treats. They can be enjoyed by the spoonful as often as desired.

Honey Tonics are made with raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar.  These two ingredients have wonderful health benefits. The combination of honey and vinegar creates a healthful oxymel. Our Honey Tonics are a delicious way to consume a trifecta of beneficial things: honey, apple cider vinegar, and blends of herbs.

Raw apple cider vinegar comes from organic apples, and contains the beneficial enzymes produced during the fermentation process. It is useful for promoting good digestion, pH balance, and aiding the body in removing toxins.

Honey contains a delicate and complex array of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essences that come from the kaleidoscope of plants and soil conditions from where the honeybee gathered nectar and pollen, as well as enzymes from the honeybee’s own body. These qualities make raw honey a profound local medicine. Raw honey is gently relaxing, antimicrobial, and soothing to the stomach and throat. Honey is ready to use and most nutritious with minimal processing and treatment.

We utilize the ancient quality of herbal vinegars in our tonic formulas, extracting minerals and other beneficial qualities from certified organic herbs into vinegar. The herbs we have selected to use in our tonics are gentle, and have been chosen for their accessibility. They are plants that I have a personal experience with, through growing, observing, and building a relationship over time.

We make an alcohol extract of American Ginseng in our Ginseng Honey Tonic, and use a few alcohol extracts in our Throat and Lung Honey Tonic to deliver an extra punch. We also use alcohol extracts for incorporating propolis into our preparations.

What is a Tonic, anyway?

A tonic is something meant to aid in staying well and healthy, and to help achieve balance in mind and body.  Health exists in the context of a person’s lifestyle, and should be built around a foundation of a diet rich in nutritious, unprocessed foods and clean water. Other elements of balanced health include rest; regular, enjoyable and appropriate exercise; some type of work that makes you feel useful and productive; time for leisure and doing things you enjoy; and healthy relationships. Achieving good health and fulfilling your full potential is possible when there is balance in more of these areas.

Herbal remedies, and tonics in particular, fit inside this framework of a healthy lifestyle. A tonic can be useful when you’re sick, but use over time also aids your body to be in its optimum condition over the long term.

People interested in improving their health are wise to seek out gentle herbs and remedies to support well-being. The most benefit will be reaped, however, when this also accompanies improvements in diet and bringing attention to aspects in one’s lifestyle that may not be balanced. Improving your diet can be a process of slowly introducing more nutritious foods rather than cutting things out, and keeping in mind that enjoying your food is also really important! Lifestyle changes are the same way, easier to achieve when approached through manageable steps over time.

It is my utmost goal for Mickelberry Gardens Honey Tonics to support your good health! Check all of them out here: http://www.mickelberrygardens.com/products-page/honey-tonics/

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