Top 6 Ways to Avoid the Flu

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick. Here’s a list of my favorite go-to remedies for staying well during cold and flu season.

1. Fire Cider
You can make this yourself, or get some from your favorite local herbalist’s most recent batch. Fire Cider is made by steeping various pungent and spicy ingredients in raw apple cider vinegar, and then straining after several weeks. Cayenne peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, horseradish, and cress are all excellent fire cider ingredients. You can take a dose of fire cider on it’s own daily, mix it with a little honey, or add it to your salad dressings and soups. It is healthy and delicious.

2. Acupuncture
Going to see your acupuncturist regularly is a great way to prevent stagnation in your system, cycling out toxins and helping you sidestep the crud you feel may be lurking about.

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3. Elderberries
Elderberries are antiviral, blood purifying, and immune-stimulating, so are especially useful in keeping your body’s protective shield activated. Our favorite way to consume elderberries is a spoonful of Mickelberry Gardens Elderberry Honey Tonic, of course!


4. Reishi
A daily dropperful of reishi tincture during cold and flu season helps to support and nourish your body’s deep immunity. We get our reishi tincture from The Mushroomery in Lebanon, Oregon.



5. Whole Foods
Eating lots of nourishing whole foods and avoiding refined white flour and white sugar will help keep you healthy.

6. Rest and Renew
Make sure you allow yourself adequate sleep and time for relaxation. Your body does all sorts of repairing while you are sleeping. Likewise, making space for activities you find rejuvenating such as yoga, meditation, taking a walk in the woods or any other enjoyable exercise. Hot baths, self care, and spending time with people who don’t stress you out are all great strategies to keep yourself healthy and relaxed.

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