Mickelberry Gardens Raw Honey

Keeping It Raw

You may notice that our honey and all of our honey tonics are made with Raw Honey. We are very careful to make sure that none of our honey is ever heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We consider this “hive temperature” – we never allow the honey to reach a temperature higher than it might get inside the beehive on a hot summer day. By maintaining a low temperature honey’s therapeutic virtues, delicate fragrances and flavors, and enzyme content are all preserved. Honey contains the essence of flowers, and also has small amounts of pollen and propolis residues. Keeping it raw ensures it is at peak medicinal potency.

Raw Honey Never Goes Bad!

Raw honey has an indefinite shelf life. Even a 2,000 year old jar excavated from an Egyptian tomb was reported to taste delicious. The bees have created something magical that can truly last forever! Honey will eventually crystallize, or become more solid, over time. This is totally natural, and does not mean that it has gone bad.


Raw Honey and Infants

Raw honey is unpasteurized, and should not be given to infants under the age of 1. This is due to a risk that Clostridium botulinum spores could be present in raw honey, which would be killed if the honey were pasteurized. The protective mechanisms in children’s immune systems who are over the age of 1 are equipped to handle potential exposure to C. botulinum.

Our Sourcing Ethics

Our careful sourcing of local honeybee products is part of what makes our product line so special. Matt and Madelyn started this business with a commitment to keeping bees organically, without the use of antibiotics, miticides, or other chemical hive inputs.

As our business has grown, we have developed relationships with other small and medium scale beekeepers we trust who are committed to clean beekeeping methods. We are proud to use only Pacific Northwest bee products, sourced directly from a small network of trusted beekeepers rather than distributors. Our honey and beeswax comes from organically-raised bees that are kept on organic farmland, or wildlands far from cities or agriculture. We have built a network of Pacific Northwest beekeepers to trap propolis and bee pollen for us, which is always fresh and high quality. We also independently test our honey for antibiotic residue and sugar residues.


Our Bees

At Mickelberry Gardens, we raise our own bees at a collection of yards near the Portland area. We have hives on a few local organic farms, and also maintain hives in smaller yards and gardens. Working with the bees is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of what we do. We also host visiting groups at our hives, and offer educational workshops to the community about beekeeping and pollinator stewardship.

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Purchase Our Raw Honey!

New Seasons Market carries our local, raw honey in the Wellness Department at stores throughout the Metro area.

Visit our online stores to see our latest varietal availability of raw honey, as well as our other products made with local raw honey.



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